Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disneyland with my Grandson and Daughter


I just couldn't resist posting a photo of my grandson and me at Disneyland. My daughter, Danielle, and her son, Zane, are such lovers of all things Disney and have been after me for years to join them at Disneyland and California Disney for so long that finally I gave in! Certainly as a foothill resident in Northern California, the idea of spending a few days with mobs and gobs of people and having to travel to Southern California is not my idea of a vacation. We had to move Zane out of his lodgings at the end of the school year at Cal State Northridge (he's a film major), so this seemed like a good time.

Oh, my! We didn't miss a thing! It was a blast! It's been decades since I've been there and there were lots of changes...but there I was begging to go on Star Wars again! Lots of good spots to people watch and evade strollers. It seemed to take days to recouperate but so well worth it!